Wednesday, October 25, 2006

all exciting

i will have some new all exciting news to post soon...woohoo

dont forget my classes on the 5th nov at paper addiction in easy and creative christmas cards...both samples are up in store now

heres a sample of something iwill havein the class with me and of something i was working on over the weekend while i was away. I do so love to add a bit of machine sewing it adds something to a page

i have been particpating on embellished idol..and have gotten to round 5 the comp has been so much fun thanks ali remember to check out its a lovely site and the community is fantastic and the gallery well its just beautiful if ever u need a bit of inspiration u need not look much further.!! such clever people over there

anyway thats it fo rme today...i have been a slack blogger just lately i know i know...we have a fully fenced yard now woohoo i will share some more photos as the landscaping starts to happen THIS off to caboolture markets for some more plants...gotta love that place for plants we have so far saved about half on nursery costs!! and the front is so almost ready to be approved a few more river rocks and its done!!...i tell u im not much of a gardener but atm i am trying so hard to make sure its all looked after...between u and me having a fence and gate is about the best thing that could of happened for dd 3...she is so happy to be allowed outside whenever she likes!!! she was getting very sick of having to go out when we would go out there with her hehe

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memoryfairy said...

Congrats on making the Scrapbooking by Design DT :o)
Lisa is fantastic & has such awesome're going to LOVE it!!!