Friday, October 27, 2006

two posts in two days

a record for me hehe

my exciting news

I MADE THE scrapbooking by design DESIGN TEAM

im so excited woohoo
the site isnt active just yet but it wont be long

thanks to rach and chris for telling me about the team just a few short weeks ago im so excited and cant wait to start!

ive been working on some 8" letters for the nearly finished lilly, maybe tonight will be the night but emily is done!!

i have totally failed at my elsie challenges from sam hehe...maybe thats something for tonight too and they were easy to work with challenges oh i say maybe tonight....;)
now to clean the house so that it is respectable for people to crop here tonight lol


Jo said...

Hi and congratulations Jacqui. Can't wait to work with you. I have made a little blinkie for my blog to celebrate being picked for the team that links back to the Scrapbooking By Design website. Take a look (it's in the sidebar under my profile) and if you would like one just comment on my blog and I will send you the code so you can put one on your blog too. TTFN Jo :o)

nzmommy said...

Hey Jacqui! Thanks for your post! This is going to be sooooooooo fun, isn't it? Is this your first DT??? It's mine and I'm a bit nervous, I had to admit. I've Dh I have a job now so he has to watch the kids when I need time lol.

LesleyC said...

Congrats Jacqui. Looking forward to working with you. Soo exciting.


LesleyC said...

Congrats Jaqui. Looking forward to working with you. Exciting stuff.

LesleyC said...

Congrats Jacqui. Looking forward to creating with you! Exciting stuff.

Andrea Senn said...

Hi Jacqui - congrats to you! Looking forward to "meeting" everyone!