Wednesday, November 01, 2006


well we finally started out back yard landscaping yesterday. We moved the sand into the garden beds the help break down the clay in our yard and had so much sand that we decided it was high time we built a really sandpit. Lilly had kindy yesterday so didnt get to see the new sandpit until this morning...she was so happy to see a bigger better sandpit in her very own backyard!!! And even thou dan is tired and sore from starting the landscaping (u will notice we still have a long long way to go) he went out there with her this morning and sat in the sandpit just because she asked him sweet.

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Kirsty said...

Hey Jacqui! Love the pic of Dan in the sand pit with Lilly:) Emily looks so cute with her thumb in her mouth...we have a thumb sucker, and its GREAT! Does Scrapanalia travel to Mundubbera??? I know a place where you can stay;)