Friday, November 17, 2006

its a disaster i know

would u get a look at my scrap space!! oh my god...the mess its breading in here i u can guess i havent created much this could i really!! lol


my challenge for u all (and there is a lovely rak involved hehe) is to share a before and after picture on your blog of your disaster zone of a scrap space, the inside of your bag where u keep it whatever u do. Im going to give myself and u 7 days to organise and clean up!! hehe...this challenge i really need otherwise its just going to keep growing...when its up on your blog remember to come and leave a comment so we can go and see your new improved space and next friday morning i will pop everyones names in a hat and draw out one to recieve a rak
i will post a pic of the rak over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

OK Jacqui LOL I'll take some before piccies today and will try to clean up my disaster zone in time for your deadline! LOL It's a BIG ask!! ROFL!!

Chrissy xx

jacquij said...

oh i dont believe for a second that u have a messy part to your house lol...u dont have a 3 year old the mess it all up lol

Anonymous said...

I blog hopped here and wow, how reassuring is it to see someone elses messy craft space, heres my messy desk and my tidy room, (scroll towards the bottom)

Hope you don't mind me popping by
Rhi x

jacquij said...

stop by any time rhi.. ;)
i love your space cant wait to see what u do to it

Saffa said...

Erm...mine looks prety much as bad as yours!!!!!

Hiya by the way I kind of blog hopped just like Rhi!!!!

I have a mass of toys in the middle aftre my son messed up his room so came in here..ARGHHHHH

Love your blog and your LOs


Carole Janson said...

I am so loving the size of your scrapping room, my scrapping area is always like that as well, your layouts are gorgeous, and I love the bag in your previous post.

Rach H said...

lol...........look at your room jac!! hey at least we know you are busy creating!!! ;)

jacquij said...

well yes
i cleaned my desk yesterday
and did my aussie dare and well now its messy again!! lol

Jane said...

oh wow ! is that my studio ? lol ! I've blog hopped too- and found a place home from home! lol. Hello Jacqui - btw !