Saturday, November 18, 2006

PPP dare

i have to say i knew dare sites were around but until the last 2 weeks i never knew how much fun it was.
this is my ppp dare...everything had to start with a p
so heres my tally

purple stitches: 1000 (av...i counted one side and multiplied as it was doing my eyes in lol)
purple seed beads 254
p words 4
purple inked journalling stripes with a purple pen 5
purple flowers 7
purple cardstocks 2
purple inked pattern paper 3
purple buttons 3
pruple brads 2
purple flower eyelets 3
purple covered eyelets 3
purple ribbon 2
purple heart brad 1
chipboard purple heart 1
purple fabric corner 1
1291 as my grand total
not bad lol


Michelle G said...

This looks awesome!!!! Love what you have done here!!!!!! Wow!!!
How many P's did you say you had!!!! Incredible!!!!! Amazing Challenge!!!! Thanks for playing with us!!

jacquij said...

alot lol
but i do feel as if i cheated with the stitches hehe.. :)
thanks michelle