Friday, December 08, 2006

my new backyard

over the last few weeks we have been working in our yard and if u contrast to the photos i showed u when we first moved in we have really done some work. Yes i know im proud my dh did most of this himself.. :)

so i now have garden beds some plants the rest r a work in progess in weekly trips to the markets or thou this week i think give it a miss.. :)

on monday and tuesday we paved and got the turf underlay ready...and today we have rolled out the turf...even lilly helped hehe tomorrow i hope we can put our outdoor table together and put up a shade something or other until we get the patio roof so that i can have my parents to lunch on sunday and actually eat outside woohoo...a bbq is on the cards hehe

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Chris M said...

It looks fantastic Jac!!! You guys have done an awesome job!! Let me know when you have that file ready for me!