Thursday, December 28, 2006

my miss em

here is a layout i have had on my table all week

isnt she just a sweet heart.
my beautiful miss em wont be long and she will be 5 months old...cant remember life without her but why does it have to go so fast...


Chris Millar said...

Oh My Gosh Jac! Em has grown so much!!!! I will have to drop around soon and steal some cuddles!!! She's not allowed to grow up that quickly! This is a gorgeous layout!

Julie said...

Love the layout Jac. Your Em looks like a little sweetie.

They do grow so fast it seems like yeaterday that Asher was Em's age. Now she is six.

Chrissy said...

She is just THE cutest Jacqui!! :-D

jacqui jones said...

thanks for the comments girls
yes chris come and get cuddles anytime.> :)
it all happens way to fast doesnt julie actually im scared that really will just be a blink of an lilly is already half way to 6
she is so cute chrissy i wish u lived closer i would bring her around fo ra cuddle