Saturday, December 23, 2006

random stuff

Congrats to lisa over a scrapbooking by design...the site is finally active. If you click on the link in my list that should get you exciting for her right on christmas. What a present.. :) the forum is already off to a great start so pop over and say hi. The site is based in nz.

lilly had her very first dentist visit today..will share pics later was all very funny and started with playing barbies with our dentist (who is a friend lol) he was so fantastic with her. If your living around my area (northlakes brisbane) northlakes family smile is open for business and troy is a fantastic dentist. Our visit ended with me in the chair which wasnt the plan lol but miss lilly insisted it be my turn next so i played the good mother and did it without a single sound lol...there r also some amusing photos of that, that you will not get to see hehe

ok..merry christmas to all if i dont post again before monday...i hope you all have a fanastic day and that santa is good to all.. :)

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