Thursday, April 05, 2007


i dont think i have ever shared what happened to day or week of emilys birth.

its taken me ages to actually put it down on paper and i guess osme of the feelings were a little raw until recently. it didnt go to the grand plan.

the other part of it was these beautiful photos that i didnt want to distroy...the main photo is one of my favs...i find it amazing,,,emmy is only a few seconds old in that have a record of her life from this point makes me cry...with lilly we didnt get photos until she was in a crib as she wasnt doing so well (she quickly recovered but.. :)) lilly was aobut to be wheeled away to special care before anyone even thought were was the camera. we didnt really expect many problems with emily even thou she was 3 weeks early so the camera was out and ready

the journalling about her birth is on the large pull out white card...its held in place by the flowers

this is what it says

Things never go to plan when it comes to babies theys eem to always have their own schedule to follow. At 36 weeks there was some concern about the size of our girl. An ultrasound confirmed she was already 9 pound. I didnt believe them. At that point there were doubts about a natural birth but i was sure i could do it. At my 37 week checkup the fun started. high blod pressure, protiens - i wasnt shocked because i had this before. A few days in hospital and it seemed to get better, until the morning i was to go home. I felt sick and dizzy and not myself. It was decided it was time to meet our baby. i was sure birth would be ok and we pressed forward with an induction. weveryone expected it to happen quickly, but no such luck. 3 lots of gel and finally labour started at 7 pm. I was excited until i was told i wasnt dilating and that emily seemed stuck ina funny position. We kept going. Early in the morning i am downstairs again, nothing cha nged. But everyon was worried aobut me. I didnt want drugs. the midwives talked me into taking strong panadol and a sleeper, so i would rest. the next thing i know its 6am labour stalled and i woke in a panci. I was a mess I knew it meant a c section. Something i didnt want. But its amazing what you will do for your children, but there was still lots of tears that morning. I was scared. emily had to be monitored but she never skipped a beat. At midday i was prepared. Outside the OR i broke out into a cold sweat but the lovely nurses gave me a warm blanket. I shoook the whole time. the pinal easy. but things changed. i was scared but excited were going to finally meet em. My DR was making jokes nad bets over the weight. lillys birth was scary, she was sick but emily screamed straight away. She spent some time in a curb but was perfect. it was a positive and lovely experience. Because there was no emergency everyon at moter mothers private was so patient with me and allowed me to get comfortable and explained everything during the procedure. Im not rushing back for a csection any time soon but i know that i made the right decision for emily and myself that day. Im not sorry and i dont regret it alt all. this was emilys birth it was just different to waht i expected. Bit it was worth it all. And look at the photos. Poor lilly was safely in her crib before anyone even though to get a camera out.thankyou Dr chueng and mater mothers private (brisbane)

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Chris Millar said...

Beautiful Jac!! Wonderful that you have it all document and in such a gorgeous layout!! Is that a Zina stamp??

jacqui jones said...

oh oophs i knew i had sen that look somewhere
thats a nice stamp...but no its just my doodle
thanks zina i do love the look

Melanie Harris said...

Jacqui, I stumbled oacross your blog and read the journalling to your layout. I just wanted to say it is beautiful, everything you said is beautiful and those photo is stunning.

Congratulations. I know Emily is about 8 months now but congratulations again.