Sunday, April 01, 2007

my 100th post

100 posts...WOW im impressed ive had that much to say over the last year and a bit lol

went to a fantastic retreat on the weekend...thanks girls i had a blast even if i could only stay for the day. Thanks to the girls that did my class i really hope u enjoy your project.

this is what i created at the retreat (hmm is it a retreat when your just there for the day??)

I must mention that the idea for this came from something i had seen on the making memories idol site while i was there voting for my dear friend chris millar...VOTE 1 this tuesday


this is for another dear friend whos husband is a dentist. Our dentist actually...and this is about my daughters first visit to the dentist after she chipped a beautiful tooth (it looks ok now) to say i was nervous about her first dentist experience was an understatement...i had such horrible experiences as a kid with having to go to the free clinic and well lets say i have spent alot as an adult having that work repaired even with health it was important to me that her first experience be a great one so that she isnt frightened like me...not that i got out of having a check up the day we were their either told me when she finished that it was my turn lol and we were not allowed to leave until i was looked at too very funny...of course had i known that would happen i would of taken the time to floss that morning!! lol oh well troy was so fantastic with her that i wanted to share it with their other patients and local people to our area. A great dentist i have found out is a rare find...and one that spent the time with my daughter to make sure she was as comfy as possible and not to frightened is a rarer find i anyway on tuesday im going to take this up to them and pop it in the waiting room to show how great troy was..: )

if your local to the north side of brissy...i live at northlakes and troy owns Northlakes Family Smile. here is the link to their site if you need a dentist look no further he is fantastic

oh ps...i just had to play in photoshop i admire everyone elses blog so much when they take the time to work on their photos first...have to say im still working it all out but hehe

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Chris Millar said...

This is so fantastic Jacqui and I'm sure Penny and Troy are going to love it!!! Awesome job!

Thanks for the encouragement for idol!