Friday, May 04, 2007

card dare site

ive been playing with the card dare
im sorry just a sneak peak but as its off for publishing... :) ive had a heap of success with getting a few cards published in stamping and papercraft really enjoying making the cards too its something totally different and a great way to use up all my pretty papers and things sitting on my table that deserve a use

so much fun

ive also been playing with the modpodge and napkin technique

Jones leather lounge lessons

1 dont let 3 year old near it with biro!! (but hair spray solves the problem) this happened last year while we were living at my parents

2 dont let said 3 year old near it with nail polish (sugar soap to the rescue that time)...this about a month after we bought out leather lounge! scrubing and very pg with emily...what a sight

and finally 3 dont leave your stazon ink pad out where said 3 year old can get to it...the lounge coped it! but stamp cleaner and then leather lounge cleaner and conditioner saved the day...THANKGOD! oh at ps did everyone know that stazon cleaner goes very hot on your hands??? i had no idea

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