Monday, May 21, 2007

scrapbook creations

scrapbook creations...has been our now for i dont know how long

ive been very slack this week...2 sick kids and a sick mummy in this house has made our week start out very slow!


i had this layout picked up by sc and finally its out

i was just on their website and its a project in their project gallery as well
lilly has changed so much since these photos...about 12 months old now..: ) how time goes so fast....she will be 4 so soon...she is such a rascal and keeps me on my toes...r all 4 year olds like that??? she is really pushing limits this week and being sick i have a short fuse for it too...but am finding that if the house is clean and tidy and not in caios she behaves much better and today was great but im buggered keeping her entertained while she was stuck inside all day! thankgod for water colour kids paints...lifesavers...and dvd's also lifesavers on rainy inside all day days and for her cool little wheelie bug thingo...its a ride on toy for inside...its on casors and scoots and spins on the tiles she loves it and on a stuck inside day it uses up lots of energy i also thankgod for tomorrow and the luxury that is kindy! when i will be able to sit like a slug and get over my cold for part of the day anyway....will still have emily home

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