Wednesday, May 09, 2007

what have we been doing

over the last 8 weeks or so
my house has been consumed with compeition of all sorts
scrapbook creations, masters and elite
are just some
but Daniel my dh has also been entering his own comps.

proud wife moment coming hehe

my dh is quiet a promising young chef and if your in brisbane or coming for a visit i recommend you seek him and his team out at cha cha char....fantastic brisbane steak restaurant

this year he choose to take on a comp and has gone out for Young Chef of the Year...i had no idea what was involved in cookery until i had to type up his entry and let me just say it took me 2 full days of typing!! very scary

anway now that entries have closed and noone can poach or steal his ideas im allowed to share them.. :) i took the pics, the main i could of done better but we ran out of time because he would of had to make the dish again and thats time consuming

entree - salmon quartet

main - duck confit beef wellington

desert - choc hazelnut suffle with vanilla been icecream

now of course they have lovely resturant names that are like 3 lines long!


Chris Millar said...

Best of luck to Dan! These meals look sensational!

Chrissy said...

Good on your dh for going for it!!

kazy2004 said...

Hi Jac,
Yum that food looks delish, good job Dan. I reckon keep up the blog. Don't feel pressured to update it daily or even weekly. I do mine when i remember / get a chance. It is nice to be able to check in every now and then to see what everyone is up to.
Cheers Karen