Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This month i had the pleasure of being a guest dt on scrapbooking downunder I got to work with some around the block papers and embellishments. Beautiful papers to work with.. :) Thanks to tina and her team for having me this month
This is what I created for Tina....i had the challenge of my layout being based on this quote.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." Mother Teresa

my layout contains some hidden journalling for my girls to oneday find
"This quote when I thought about it , really made me think of parenting and how true it is here. We have bad days like any family but I always tell my girls how beautiful and kind they are (especially to each other), I always say they are special and tell them I love them. Aand on those bad days they have learn't adults say sorry too!"

this was a great layout to do , really made me think about parenting and how i speak to them
the photo of my girls is only about 2 weeks old too..> :)
i thinki had one of those parent/family moments today that you dream of when you dont have a family. Lilly my eldest has 3 favourite books, we must read them at bed time each and every night...Toffee in trouble, Come on, Daisy and Who sank the boat (only recently added to the list of nightly reading)
Tonight emily was awake at bed time so i had lilly bring her books out to the lounge cause if i leave emily that close to her own bed time she SCREAMS THE HOUSE DOWN!....we the nightly reading saw us all tucked up under a blanket so sweet
after i finished reading to lilly...lilly wanted to read them to me...she is 4 so i really thought she would just talk about the pictures and lose track half way through and wander off....but no she didnt...she remembers the stories by heart and reads them with the right pictures...it was the cutest thing, she even used all the big hard words and i could see her thinking about what she was saying, and the cutest thing of all...i always talk to her through the books about why toffee is in trouble...one if daisy is scared being all alone...she asked me the questions! so sweet i love this time of night!...i just had to share...i am shocked by now much she has learnt in her day to day life with what feels to be no effort on my behalf....my dh would tell u that isnt true as im always talking to her and asking her questions like what colours she is looking at or numbers etc, but its nice to now that little effort is paying off.


Chris Millar said...

Jacqui, this layout is gorgeous! That is so cute about the girls and their stories!

Favvismaria said...

Wonderfull layout!