Friday, November 16, 2007

home from work today

with a sick kid
she is in a very quiet mood
so i cheered her up with some christmas craft
thanks to ali edwards that shared her button trees making me see that lilly (4) would be able to do it herself, its fast becoming my fav blog to go and visit...and to tia bennett whom had the orginial idea up on twopeas this week

lilly has been a treasure working on her project and its so very cute

this one is lillys...didnt she do an ace very cute she is of course now so tired and cranky and worn out but she wont have a sleep!

and yes i know im very into the non traditional colour atm and its only november but i didnt have the heart to put it away after miss 4 did such a good job she is so proud of it lol.. :)

heres my scrapjacked entry for this month

and apart from that im SICK of waiting to be told that masters is actually over and the calls have been made....string it out much! i dont care tha ti didnt get the call as if i expected it but it would be nice to know its all over!


Chrissy said...

Hope your little one is better soon Jacqui! Tell her I love her tree, it's ever so sweet.

Sal :-) said...

Loving your craft stuff Jac.

Oh BUM!! with no phone call!! GRRRRRRRRRR And yep the wait is the worst thing ever!!