Saturday, November 17, 2007

scrapping retreat

my first one in 15 months....long time! but i wanted to wait until emily was a good age to leave for the weekend with the whole feeding her thing

had a great time

spent most of my weekend working on this A4 book i made with my binditall its all about emilys first birthday, i had that many photos of it it was silly so now they r all in one spot...i actually enjoyed scrapping like this with them all in a book about the theme instead of in my albums...i dont know why maybe its the easy to put out for people to look at (my kids mainly)

i also achieved some pages i cant show and this double...which is good cause it just felt like i ate and ate all weekend
im loving making memories noteworth at the moment

this is the hail we had just a few short weeks eldest thought that i made it hail for her entertianment....too cute!


Chrissy said...

How awesome to have a weekend away! Where was the retreat Jacqui, was it local? Looks like you achieved heaps too! Fabulous! :-)

jacqui jones said...

it was shop involved so it was very laid back we all went shopping at the local scrap store we were in the camp accommodation at north pine country markets....the markets were nice to wander through on sunday too