Thursday, January 17, 2008

fav photo of the day

ive been doing really well with my photo a day
at the start i was struggling to see the things that would look like great photos

and then we did a few things and it was easy, and then today eaiser ideas have just shown up in my head. I think this is my favourite favourite photo so far

its a photo that makes me smile but its also got a little sad side. I smile cause look how cute they look..hehe...and then i see how much my girls have both grown in the last little while...and then i look at emily and think oh my where has my baby gone...she has changed and grown so much lately and starting to lose that baby look, and all of a sudden she is looking so tall im not sure how that happens one day they look like they always have and the next taller! she is such a funny chicken with her new kindy bag too lol, loves it, its just like her big sisters and she knows its hers and fussy, she holds it all the way to and from kindy and then takes u into her room to hang it up where it goes in her room unlike her sister who we argue with from the time we get home to take it to her room lol

usually i would work today, hence the kindy, and i spent a wonderful afternoon with my lovely friend and emilys god mother so my day was filled up, because i felt just a little sad to see my cute family walk out the door without me this morning.

more cleaning tasks this week from the scrap heap

this week was a cardstock mission and i will admit i didnt think it was to bad, but it looks 100% better without all the stuff on the racks!

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Anthea said...

well it looks a lot more tidy now, BUT will it stay that way??? LOL

that is a lovely photo too!