Sunday, January 06, 2008

a little bit of a tidy

Ok so i dont usually join in challenges usually i dont have time....that was until today. Over at the scrap heap they decided to start off the new year with a clean up your scrap space challenge.
here are my before the first challenge photos.....very sad!

Now challenge one was the take everything off your desk and scrub it clean...i couldnt quiet believe just how dirty my desk was...lets just say it was like putting a layout in a pile of dirt!, next was the scrub clean your self healing matt of which i couldnt get the paint off but its looking much better now! and then cull and throw out broken and empty things from tool boxes etc and put things away that just seem to creep onto the table area....of course u will have to ignore under the desk for the moment we havent had that challenge yet...but it was so nice to just create in something that wasnt a mess not that i did much after all this cleaning. But in my cleaning mood i found a double photo frame that was isnt now! lol

its begging to be messed up again isnt it lol, i did tidy after i fixed up the photo frame and it was so much easier cause it all had a place to go!!

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Chrissy said...

I'm sooo loving the challenge missions over at The Scrap Heap too Jacqui, your space looks awesome!