Thursday, February 05, 2009

how did i become a school mum!

when lilly was born school seemed like something i wouldnt have to think about for so long!!! but 2009 had a way of creeping up on me and this morning i had to face that moment when your first born child is no longer a baby, no longer at home with me each and everyday and has suddenly become a school girl. in her words a BIG GIRL! how did that happen! im sure i didnt allow it! heh

i had only one moment during the whole process. and thankfully it didnt involve crying (i was shocked) and it happened before taking her to school. must be somehting to do with the uniform i think. they look so big when u put them in a school uniform! the scrapbooker in me knows how lucky she is to have a red and navy uniform..:):):)

she has been super excited about this moment for weeks, months even and bored at home for even longer. she wants and needs to learn. i cant wait to see what she thinks this afternoon and again when she gets up in the morning knowing she has to go to school again. when she lined up with her class (a straight prep after all...we were expecting a composite but we had some incoming students during the holidays which changed everything...:):) ) she only looked back once to check i would pick her up at the end of the day and she was gone. her face was eager and bright and my heart soared. i wasnt even sad (well in that moment anyway..:))

no real super great photos. she could hardly stand still. she admitted to being a little nervous and was so funny pinching her fingers together to show us how much she was nervous. lol and of course she was up during the night, school playing on her mind and was up long before the 7am alarm went off that i had set just in case.

i would love to know what she is up to at the moment..:) when they walked into class i had to sneak a long peak. sitting inher classroom on the floor in a circle with all her preschool friends already interacting and putting her hand up to answer questions. (ive witnessed children do this year after year of my work life, i was and am always amazed at the people they r, but seeing your own child, the one u worked on their whole life to get to this point is not really something i have words for. like every parent this morning...i was so proud of her, she took it all in her stride and made it look like she belonged there.of course the said jumping around..:)
and even my blond curly bear was in on the photo taking action this morning, posing and smiling for the camera! shock! SHE is missing her sister and saying goodbye to lilly and then taking daddy to work was a little to much for my girl who very much wears her heart on her sleeve..:)
it is amazingly quiet at home, its going to take some getting used to i think


Kirsty said...

Aaaaaaw, she is SO grown up. Makes me realise how little all the kids we were entrusted with when we were teaching (and I thought they were SO grown up!)...I think I am going to ban Sam from going to school EVER!!!LOL

Chris Millar said...

It just feels like yesterday I'd met Lil for the first time and she was just 4 months old! How time flies by! She looks so tall and lovely in her uniform. You did well Jac!

jacqui jones said...

im banning emily too kirst

i know chris...time moves way to quickly

ps she loved school, but still stepped down the stairs this afternoon with this worried my mum wont be here look on her face...hehe of course i was, id been there for 10 minutes waiting and dieing to find out how it all went..:)

Sal :-) said...

Oh my gosh Lil your certainly are a BIG GIRL!!! Yeah on the milestone & miss Em you enjoy having your Mum all to yourself xo