Tuesday, June 05, 2007


well ive never done this with my blog

but i was doing a scrapbooking class on journalling tomorrow that was cancelled due to numbers and i had made these felt covered notepads for the people in my class. Anyway when i have classes cancelled it always makes me ponder what i can do to reinvent my classes so that people enjoy them more and get value for money.

so instead of just thinking about what i like in classes im asking you guys. Leave me a comment before 10th june on what you like in your scrapbooking classes and i will put everyones name into a hat and draw out the name of someone to recieve the little felt notepads i have.

Im a little sad that i cant give these notepads to the people intended but thats ok, i will have 4 left after this little rak so i think i might lucky door them at the next class i have so that my class girls still get to enjoy them...i love felt atm its so fun to work with

remember i will do the draw at some point on the 10th june


louisespiden said...

Hi Jacqui,
I teach scrapping at my local scrap shop and I'm always looking for feedback and ideas too. A lady said to me the other day "it's not so much the class that it's all about but probably the little tips and techniques that you show people that make the difference. Stuff as a teacher we would probably take for granted or maybe assumed people already know".
Alot of people don't know some of the stuff we take for granted. Some people need hand-on experience. Some people need to be told it's ok to make a mistake as that's how you learn. I often start with a 'plan' for the class etc. but end up teaching and talking about completely different things!

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh Jac, I'm LOVING what you're doing with felt girl - those little notebooks are divine!!

Niella said...

I would love my LSS to have more doodling in classes. Scrapbookers need to know its ok to make mistakes etc..and doodling helps with that. ATM they are just focussing on other things, but maybe they will have some in the near future..will email them actually, thanks for helping me remember..lol! But yes that is my answer to your question.

P.S I adore your lil' notebooks, sooo cute.

Niella said...

Hi Jac:) to answer your question, I would like my LSS to have smaller classes..I know this sounds strange, but the last one I went too, there was so many of us booked in, that everyone started getting confused as to what was happening. There were 13 students and one tutor and not enough table space. It was a good class, but I felt so sorry for the older ladies that I helped several out. Of course I didn't mind {just don't call me teacher's pet...LOL}

jacqui jones said...

thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts girls...and its all things i could put into place so thankyou

Shell Honig said...

Hi Jacqui

I love classes where you pick up new techniques that you can use in other ways. Most of the classes I've been to have about 6 people and that's great because everyone gets to have some 1 on 1 time with the tutor at some point.

Would love to see some doodling classes too :)

Twobees said...

Firstly, loving your new blog Jacqui awesome. In class I like little tips. Like others have said, things that you know, short cuts etc that others may not know. Yea and smaller class numbers, its great having one on one with the tutor IYKWIM

Lara said...

hmmm, having never been to a class... I love those notebooks - I guess at crops etc I love picking up those little tips & I really like classes where techniques or products can be transferred to other layouts or BTP things too - like they aren't just for that one layout... numbers don't worry me - but being able to see up close the 'thing' we are trying to create helps heaps.