Monday, February 23, 2009


argh birthday - 33, weigh - argh argh argh (but in truth scales r ban on brithdays), calories millions (but its national no diet date due to said birthday), birthday gifts- 2, birthday calls - 1 (hmmmmm calls from father 0, calls from brother 0) very bad, brithday emails LOTS - very good. two well behaved kids, a day spent reading and scrapbooking and then dinner out ... overall pretty good.

ok heh ive been rereading the bridget jones funny, got to love a book that makes u roar with laughter just from the imagines in your own mind. so i just couldnt help myself.

yep i turned 33 yesterday. it effected me more than turning 30 but its not my scary age just yet. thats still over 10 years away yet....:)

school is still going well for lilly. friday we all walked across the road to her first swimming carnival. where she came first in all her prep races. they were very cute kick board races and noodle races. she was very proud.

then this morning an award on parade. i wasnt there but dan was. i was at home with miss emily who has a cold. not surprising really seeing as the stuipd weather is so up and down here atm. its cold (like start of winter cold) and then its heatwave summer hot. noone knows if they r coming or going.and then the first day of homeworking homereading. scary proof i have a school aged child. i would like to say she had an idea of what it was all about, but she had not seen the book and had no idea. thankgod for my reading recovery training. after a breif talk i could tell she had no idea so i was able to start in the right place and make it a positive first reading and homework situation. god help the rest of the kids in her class as im guessing none of them had any idea. (and yes being qld trained i find it werid that prep kids have home readers. i guess i will get used to it)

ive spent a fair part of the last few days scrapbooking. dont die of shock. i really dropped my ball on the whole scrapbooking thing in recent months and weeks. no enjoyment, didnt want to. but a friend asked me to do something and so when the right mood appeared i started with this layout for her to give to her brother when he is married next weekend. and the rest just sort of rolled from there.

its 8 by 10 and going into a silver frame. i hope they all like it, its hard to scrap for other people. i find what i put on the page is just a personal taste. i guess i will find out tomorrow..":_)
a card to go with the above layout.
after that i pulled out our santa photo. and mum i found the extra one here in the santa photo bag. i will put it in the post. im loving that spotty cardstock its pretty cool. emily didnt cry, but she wasnt impressed with santa either in the photo which is sad because when we walked up to the photo booth she was super excited, but seeing santa and sitting on his lap where two very different was this one. i love this photo. it was taken just before her accident last year. she has changed so much in that time its hard to believe. the journalling on the photo is all about her baby giggle and how much i loved her baby giggle. that innocent giggle that babies have, that toddlers lose as they learn to fake laugh.
heres another one, ive had this photo for an age. but have trouble with photos where i can see her left arm the way it should look. but ive been getting over it alot more lately and it didnt seem to bother me today. acceptance of what happened. i guess.
i think the scrapbooking key was the have photos available. not having to print them outhelped. soemtimes i get stuck in photoshop and very get to the print stage. i think i will have a few printed so they r jsut there waiting for me.


Chris Millar said...

Love your Bridget Jones blog post Jacqui! I love the movies but have never read the books. Glad your b'day was a good one apart from naughty father and brother forgetting! So glad you're scrapping again and these creations are all amazing! The wedding gift one is divine! They are going to love it! Particularly love the one of Em too, what a darling giggle she has! Enjoy your week as a newly 33 year old!!!LOL

daisymum7 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!Whny is 43 scary ????? The scrapbooking you did was marvellous I went to a friends house th other day and she had the Christmas Card i sent her 9one of yours) framed and hanging up in her sewingroom !!!! Nesxt tiem I will take a camera and ge a shot of it for you!!!


Kirsty said...

Love the LOs...what a shock to see you scrapping again! The couple are going to love their gift:)
Hapy birthday...I freaked when I turned 30. Scary stuff. LOL
I no longer tell anyone when my birthday is and try not to celebrate it in any way. I hate my birthday...don't know why...

Lara said...

Hi Jacqui...just visiting...and see you turned 33 on the 23rd of Feb...I turned 33 on the 24th...that makes you a whole day older than me :-)