Tuesday, February 10, 2009

week one down, onto two

she wakes up each morning and just cant wait to get dressed, pack her bag and get out the door. every afternoon she is full of stories about things she has done and learnt.
the first day she came home tell us the sound of g and that it was for girl and the sound of b and it was for boys (lol they had the toilets explained to them)
the next day it was sssss for snakes and the movement of her hand to match. its all so very very cute.
she loved music, is loving going swimming each day (yes preps have started swimming the second week of school....brave) but her fav place was the library. (bestill my beating heart she is going to be a book kid) its the only place she dragged me to by the hand to show me where it was. which is funny considering she could of pointed to it from her classroom. our school only has like 3 buildings...:) 120 kids its very cute.

anyway the said love of the library had to have a new library bag. lillys is the navy one, and the brown one is for lillys friend little school friend.
not bad for days sewing...:)

tomorrow the prep kids have a rest day. woohoo!!! but i will admit that in a small school parking doesnt seem to be a problem at 3:15 when the kids get out..its great (that wasnt something i was looking forward to the whole pick up thing...but its great)


Chris Millar said...

You're so lucky with the parking thing! I don't pick the girls up until 3:15 now as I can't stand the chaos at the school at 3. They are happy to do that and sit talking to their friends until I get there.
Love the library bags - I hope Lil is going to be a bookworm!

Kirsty said...

Love the library bags!

daisymum7 said...

We are in week three ane terrible working mother of 7 me put daisyboy4 on the bus with his older brother. They come into the vilalge and daisydad or I pick them up from there. He loves the bus and the lirbary and the music room. But he is already exhausted!!!

off to work


Sue Smith said...

Aww,those library bags are soooo gorgeous! Love 'em :)

Sal :-) said...

Oh Lil & her friend are in for such a treat with those bags!! :-)