Wednesday, January 10, 2007


well i have to admit after last week i didnt expect much this week
then i watched operh (sp) and well the life of a stay at home mum was fully lived lol...i dont usually watch her but she had a weight loss guy on...he was talking about water weight when u first start a diet and how u really shouldnt weigh yourself for the first 2 months until u actually really start to lose weight...i understood what he means but i cant do it...i need the scales as motivation!!!

so starting wieght this week
weight in
total weight loss
even 3kg

not bad i say for only 2 weeks
i have been this week fighting cravings which is horrible...but so want to say until i go on holidays next week to have just one naughty meal
my check in will be late next week...on holidays...home on friday so i will check in then...good or bad...its on holidays!!!


Christy said...

Hi -
Good luck with the weight loss, I'm hearing you on how difficult it is not to cheat!!
I'm another Scrapanalia consultant (one from Newcastle).

Chrissy said...

Well done Jacqui!!! :-)

Sal :-) said...

Hey Jac, great Loss!!! Mark swears by the tape measure not the scales, but hey you're loosing it!!! :D