Monday, January 08, 2007

time for a change

and look i got real clever this monring and finally with the help of a great blog sorted out my banner...thankfully i will never have to do that again lol...but im so happy i have wanted for ages
and the brushes in my banner r from jason galyor...fantastic brushes there

other things
been married 7 years
emmy had her injections
a nice layed back sort of day
while dan had emmy at the doctor...yes im a chicken when it comes to needles...i spent some time with lilly on her own something i havent done in months!!!...actually since emmy was born and lilly was such a pleasure too...we went and did some girly shopping and she came home with nail polish and lip gloss in one of those kits for little cute!! and we had lunch...i miss my time with just lilly so much that i have to make sure she get some...i have so much time with just emily which i love...but i miss my oldest too and the time we spent together before emmy was here so i guess thats something i want to achieve this second goal after weight that emmy is that little bit older and can go for a while without needing me is to spend some mum time with just lilly.


scrapmumof6 said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and your impressive weight loss. Keep it up!
It is so important to find one on one time, isn't it and yet I'm finding that more and more of a challenge. I try to take a different kid shopping with me on a Saturday, not much, but better than no time at all. I've added your name to my list. Thanks, Jacqui. :)

Chris Millar said...

Love the new banner Jac! That smiling one of Em is adorable! Congrats on 7 years!


jacqui jones said...

thanks ladies
7 years has really come and gone way to fast

Chrissy said...

Happy 7th anniversay Jacqui! Love the cute new banner too, it's darling!! :-)

Chrissy xx