Monday, January 29, 2007


well is it hot enough for us all!!!
i know the next big purchase we make with be airconditioning
at this stage thinking about ducted...but my god HOT
my poor miss emily has not coped well with the heat at all today
she has been attached to the boob in one way or another all day and when she wasnt she was a very unhappy baby!! its like come on u would be so much cooler on the floor but no no...poor little poppet and she sweated so much today because she wouldnt let me put her down but in a strange way i was sort of happy she was feeding so least i knew she was hydrated! Needless to say that i had a very hot and uncomforable day and the only time i was cool was at the gym this morning!! i know a family that will be spending the day at the shops tomorrow if this heat doesnt go anything for an airconditioner


cass said...

oh no poor Emily
hey did you do the whole shopping centre thing today it's soo hot

the other thing i used to do was hang out in the Library when Conor was about Lily's age,
he could read stories and sometimes i would read to him and all in air con it was lovely

jacqui jones said...

thats an excellent idea cass...i had forgotten about the library just lately