Friday, August 10, 2007

what were u doing 12 months ago tonight

I can tell u i wasnt blogging!!!

my older daughter had been just picked up by my mother for the night, and my dh and i were settling in for a rest as we knew we were in for a big night!...all day doctors had been trying to start my labour with no luck. At 7:30 it was on....and i dont get that lovely build up....i start with contractions 5 minutes apart and STRONG! I was so hopeful of natural birth at that didnt end up that way at the early morning my labour stalled because emily wasnt engaged she just couldnt get down there (she had been in a funny position for days)

I have to tell you tears well when i think about this night and the fact that it was actually 12 months ago...i remember like it was yesterday the c section and the jokes to ease my nerves by medical staff and then the beautiful baby and the calm 10 minutes that followed where i just got to tell her i was her mum (unlike lilly who was whipped away in an emergency and the frantic minutes that passed where i couldnt calm downuntil i heard her cry, we didnt even know if she was a girl). Her birth was not what we planned on AT ALL....and i was so scared of that op, but in the end it was beautiful and a miracle and calm

well that baby, my beautiful emily is one tomorrow. ONE! and im dealing with it no better than i was 8 weeks ago...tonight i put to bed an 11 month old for what i expect for me the last time tomorrow i put to bed a one year old

it really is unbelieveable how fast a year really does go

so as i try to keep my emotions in are a few things about our miss em!

She has the funnies little personality that I just adore, she looks so much like her sister at the same age but they are so different. My baby girl has a beautiful soft nature. She is a mummies girl (and secretly I LOVE IT hehe) she always likes to know that i am near by, and during the day if im watching tv or reading a book she just comes up and leans on me for no reason other than being close and saying HI. She has in the last week developed the ability to fake laugh...its so funny and give the biggest cheezy grin showing all her teeth. I would love a photo of this its SO CUTE, she screams when she doesnt get her own way or when u take something away from her lol....its a short bursting scream and its very funny. Our girl now goes to sleep on her own, still in mummy and daddys room (we have a main bedroom the size of 2 rooms and its all the way up the other end of the house...great for teens not so for babies) but not for much longer as soon as we get the free time to dismantle the bed in her room she is moving into it...she waves and claps and likes to dance with her older sister. She is walking but its not the main mode of transport just yet and she gets so EXCITED when she walks. Emily loves toys and plays with them in the way they are intended (i know im strange for the last one but lilly isnt really a toy kid....she has millions of them but she just doesnt play with them really.,.so when we see emily we really notice the difference in the way she plays...its funny isnt it) she is saying mumma, dadda and bubba and knows who they belong too and this morning lifted my shirt up for her drink when i wasnt quick enough lol

ok well thats it...i will have more over the next few days im sure off to make birthday cupcakes before falling in a heap as lilly has been sick and kept us awake for most of last night

but i leave with u an emily layout from last week...its for aussie scrapjack...the photo is only from last week this is my baby at 11 months old...tomorrow i will have number one photos... :)

goodnight eveyrone havea great weekend
watercolours...lO VE THEM....i have had these watercolour pencils since i was an art student at school it was nice to get them out after all these years with a good worthwhile use ofr the too..: )


Chris Millar said...

Hi Jac! Hope Emily's b'day went well and that you're enjoying the time with your Mum! Love all that you've written here about Em's personality! She's such a darling!

Ruth said...

Cant believe it has been a year, that means it has been a year since I took one of your classes. Yes time flies, enjoy that adorable girl while you can. And your scrapping just seems to get better.

Chrissy said...

No way Jacqui!! It couldn't possibly be a YEAR ago could it?!!

Huggles to you and your ONE YEAR OLD baby girl!

Love and blessings!
Chrissy x