Saturday, August 25, 2007

the birthday express

i have to say i love august...its my favourite m onth
we celebrate the birth of both our beautiful girls in august...and while its my fav month and one i prepare for months in advance with present shopping and layby where neccessary by am i glad once its all over

my big baby lilly is turning 4 on wednesday...i cant actually believe she is 4...this year she is really into the whole birthday thing....for months she has been talking about it and looking at the birthday cake book and talking about having a party. Never having had a birthday party for her (except the first one) we decided a little party would be asked for a princess fairy birthday party...we made crowns and wands and ate a toads stool was beside herself which makes all the getting ready worth it doesnt it...her face once she got home from swimming lessons this morning to see our house (sadly inside) decorated with hellum filled pearly pink and purple balloons with fairy dust on table clothes of fairys with fairy cups and plates and a princess balloon that has been singing happy birthday to her all day was a priceless experience.
Well this before the party and look at that face hehe....i think she has looked this exicted all day even now when she is beyond tired she is still on that happy nice place high.
Why do kids always pick the cake u really have to think about...but thankfully she was very happy my the jones version of the cake lol

This is my larger open living space....thankfully it can accommdate a party who knew lol....the rain the rain im a little sick of it even thou i know we really need what we r getting scary that it really is only a 3 month supply...anyway...i have to cutest photo of lilly upon walking into the room all set up for her party...eyes as big as saucers.

Making crowns...the concentration...she kept going back and adding things to her crown and wand all day and she was so fantastic with the glue and the craft that im thinking its time to add at home glueing and making into the daily routine (we do craft all the time paint and stuff....)

her finished wand

Blowing out the candles on the cake. the cake took me all day yesterday to bake, cool and ice and well we do have half left but five seconds after the song its all over, u would only do it because u love your children hehe

well its after 7:30 now and both my beautiful girls are in bed with no tears or dramas...they were both very tired girls i think hehe

i have to say hellum filled balloons esp the singing birthday one - well worth the money...they have kept children amused all day and much of the night in this house...and the best part we have enough hellum to blow the big one back up again before the tank goes back on monday....however it has had a quick hole repair tonight lol so i hope it lasts...they say u get 50 plays of the song and i must say we have to of had ALOT more than that out of it

now she has to wait until wednesday for her first real B _ I _ K _ E, for that one i cant wai tto see her face

congrats to everyone that got a masters call i cant wait to find out what happens now...whatever it is all my things are at sm as we speak

a big good luck to heidi swapp on her big move to china

and a WOW how exciting to kate mason - twins

and to the millar family...thinking of u guys...happy birthday angel princess rani


Chris Millar said...

Looks like it was a fabulous day for Miss Lil!!! Glad it all went well Jac! The photos are so cute!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday miss lily!!!!!
what an awesome party!!!!! omg that cake is amazing jacqui!!!
wanna meet up for a cuppa next week??

jacqui jones said...

thanks julie hehe
i emailed u about meeting up.. :)