Sunday, August 19, 2007

a reason to save

there is nothing like a great reason to save is there
last week my parents (dad and step mother) were telling us of their plans for the france holiday they have booked for a little over 18 months from now. They have decided to rent a large house (they plan to be away for a while i think), and are going to hire a van type transporter going ok...interesting and looking at them sort of werid i have to say...what would 2 people want with that....the next sentence i had to ask them to say twice! lol they have invited us and the kids of course to go with them and my step sister and her partner and kids as well and the best part and the part i had to ask for twice...all we have to do is pay for our flights and have spending money...YEH!!!!!

so france here we come....we started saving this exciting is that

we have been before but stayed in the main areas of france...the tour, nice etc u know the ones... :)

everyone is discussing the location of the house at current and if we just go for one location the whole time or go for two with my step mother in saying we go for two locations so at this stage everyone is going towards a house in the country side but close enough to paris to come in for the night once or twice and then into wine country

it will be so interesting to actually be in the smaller towns and part of the life over there for a few weeks and will be very different to the france i saw from the hotel point of view so we r very excited here...

dan and i r thinking of either going home via london or america for a quick visit...probably london...the euro star was suggested and then a few days in london and then fly home from there....dont know we have done london...I LOVE THE PLACE...but would also love to go to newyork and then florida (have family there) and then home....will be fun with a 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old wont it lol

seeing a pic on kerrins blog just before made me think wow we will actually get to see that again and i will ge tto take the sorts of photos i want this time

u know the bit that is very exciting...a french mark in my passport....u pretty much have to fly into france to get one...when we came over from the uk its this sort of no big deal thing which is sad and u dont get stamps anymore as it sjust one big thing i will finally get to add a french one to the lonely uk and swiss ones in my passport hehe

taught at blossies in morayfield was lovely...a great bunch of ladies who worked at the project so well cause we had to move quick. here is the project

its a large canvas...we turned it around and used the back of the canvas...its a tops idea isnt it...i wish it had been mine but alis no...i saw a lady in nz do it first...i sadly deleted the name but and cant remember otherwise i would plug her work it was beautiful. Im working on doing a few canvas's like this as gifts in the next few weeks too...its so clever! i have to admit i was just thinking derrr when i saw the effect...i love that it has a frame

hope everyone had a great weekend

enjoy your week



Chris Millar said...

WOW Jac! That's exciting news!!! Happy saving! Your Blossie class looks brilliant - hope you had fun?!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg - that is awesome not sure if i could go with my

the canvas class was awesome - i just have to add a pic to mine and then its all done

lusi said...

How exciting girl!
Bet you have a blast of a time!
And tat canvas is so fab!!!!!!!
Lus x