Friday, August 17, 2007

a great week

well it started off with dread
emily turned one
but i bravely went there and dealt with it all well
and then i have followed on to have the best scrapbooking week ever plus so other great things hehe
after years of sm masters submissions i finally got in the top 100...but oh the packaging up of those articles is not fun, im so worried its going to get damaged on the way and not look the part on arrival...but still to have gotten this far is fantastic as i had decided not to do it again if nothing came of it this year...but im kind of pleased i can try again next year now hehe
that was monday or tuesday...tuesday i think

then wednesday my dh said the words every woman wants to hear....i will do the housework for u for the next 2 days...WOOOOHOOO dh always helps out int he house...with whatever he is really pretty good...the last few weeks he has been working ALOT...out the door by 9 and not home until after midnight (he is a chef...and a very good one at that) in that time we ordered garden mulch and things to finish off our main part of the backyard and well its lucky im not frightened of hard work cause u know who had to do all the work....ive been so buggered i havent scrapped much at all...i often wonder if my dh notices the house is generally clean and tidy and the clothes washed and put away etc etc...and well the answer is YEP he does... :) so that was nice
my face cleanser fell and broke on the floor...dan didnt notice it and showered while the container filled with water...and well that just wasnt going to wash my face was my delight upon walking into myers yesterday where i left $300 dollars lighter in the was clinque gift with purchase time...WOOOHOOO so i replaced all my skin care items which were looking just a little bit sad (I have to say i hate it when everything runs out at the same time thankfully it doesnt happen often) and came home with a little gift...and the lip plumping lip gloss is worth a go ladies....oh it makes your lips all nice...not big but u end up with no cracks in your lipstick...oh i love products hehe
after i got home yesterday after a lovely morning tea with my friends Chris , sal and julie (during our lovely morning tea we got in trouble by these cranky old ladies for making to much rude is that) sitting in my inbox was a message from kim archer tell me i had made the short list in her search for a miss september comp for Kim Archer at home

so while i havent won anything its not about the winning is it...sometimes its just nice to know your up there in the right place with your work

thanks for reading my ramble hehe...clearly i have nothing worth while to talk about lol

hope you all have a great weekend

heres some pics of my miss emily on her birthday ps im not a good dig artist hehe...but it was all so pretty i had to use it...the kit is downloadable from and it is called spring breeze

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely week.... oh got to love free

cya soonish teach