Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a quick one

heres my next pages for the scraploot challenge , in the gallery over there under jacqui j

heres a sneak peak today

the close up certainly looks alot better than the whole layout!....on a time limit with this one i was, and well the creativity just didnt flow, mine is else where...its ok but certainly not dt comp quality in my eyes. but oh well as i said no time to wait for it to happen it had to be done today and today only


tomorrow we FLY home for a weeks visit...woohoo....we leave tomorrow night, but lilly still has preschool, and then the 2 hour drive to get to the airport and well i havent actually packed our bags yet! So no time to fix dt challenges tomorrow im afraid. we r however looking so forward to going home for a little visit. Just me and the girls, but we have grand plans for a week of social butterflying...: ) including a visit to the scrapbook convention on sunday and a creative photography class as well....again i say woohoo, im right into my camera at the moment. and excusing todays photo of the above layout for the scraploot gallery {edited : i just fixed it i couldnt stand the yukko photo upthere} im actually getting better (i just didnt have time today to deal with getting a better photo) best part of doing the photography class i need no tools cause i couldnt handle kids stuff, scrap stuff kids and myself all on my own at the airport and well my camera will be coming anyway so it so suited me. I will post some of our queensland adventures next week, it all feels so shiny and new when u havent been there for a few months....and while for u qld'ers it might be cold....its a big 10 degrees warmer than here most days so i say bring it on!

have a great week everyone


kirstypiper said...

Have an awesome time!
I am off to check out your newest LO, it looks awfully lovely just from the sneak peak:-)
I am having a really hard time photographing my LOs atm with all the cloudy weather

Natti said...

Hi Jac!! Long time no see. So where are you guys living now? I think I knew you'd moved, but that's as far as the details got... I hope you're enjoying it out there!!
Take care, Nat :):)