Monday, June 30, 2008

knitting is addictive

i havent knitted much in since my grandmother taught me as a kid...until recent weeks when i started with my knitted green bag and then a pillow for lilly as we work on making her room nice and pretty and hopefully tidy! (making it a place she loves is working on the keeping it tidy part woohoo)


i have NEVER knitted anything that is a guess wearable...NEVER had any idea of how to follow a pattern beyond knit one and purl one....until i bought a learn to knit book that told me what the parts to the pattern where.

so this week i have been knitting my first piece of clothing, for emily. Its a cardie, and im pretty happy with it, it has all the errors u would expect from a learner, but its wearable
the pattern is from lincraft and its actually the easy baby jacket. It went right up to an 18month old size....i sized it up to 2 years, and its actually a little bit big on emily so will probably last this winter and into the next one. The pattern was easy to follow its basically stocking stitch with a little bit of shaping which suited my level of just learning all that type of shaping stuff. The flower came off another pattern for a beanie, which i think i will make to match the jacket for her and i will run up a pair of purple pants to go with or green too i think. U do need to know how to crochet for this pattern which was thankfully something i already knew from my first living in the country, cold winter experience.
any way i really enjoying the whole handmade experience this time around.. :)
i dont know what it is, but there r some cool wools around. While i picked a plain wool for the actual knitting, all the crocheting was done with thicker wool and all that fluffy stuff. Its certainly harder to work with but im getting better at using it


Chrissy said...

Jacqui that cardy is just the cutest, very clever love!! Adore the colours too, so soft and sweet.

Cherie said...

Love the cardy...very cute indeed...

Cherie x

kirstypiper said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! You are one clever Mumma!!!

I am soooooo glad Donna taught us to crochet! It comes in handy :-D

kazy2004 said...

Hi Jacqui,
wow have you been creative or what. Love it all, the cardi, the backpack are soo cute.
I would love to knit. My nana did teach me years ago, but like you never eventuated into anything other than terrible scarves, LOL. You have inspired me.
Sounds like all is going well in wild and windy Victoria.
Cheers Karen