Wednesday, June 11, 2008

were home and inspired

were home
we had a fantastic week away in brisbane, we saw family, friends and met some new precious little people that i will share with you next time, (photo is on the usb stick i have to find it!)
i got some great photos of him.
on sunday we went to the paper convention in brisbane where i got to do a photography class with andrea thompson. It was fantastic and just the thing to help me take a leap with my photography. So i have now learnt a little bit more about posing people.

here r my two cuties on the planeon the way home, i caved and bought the pay 7 in the morning when they had been up since 5 it was the best decision i made the whole trip.

thanks to my parents that put up with us messing up their house for the past week. They were fantastic. Even giving me the sunday to go to the convention while allt he kids mine and cousins all together...brave nana....brave! hehe

my children ready out did their best behaviour while we were away. they were co-operative, did as they were told and put up with me taking them places, shops, coffee shops and all with little effort. We did of course have a few melt downs but nothing that stopped us having a great trip.

after getting off the plane people stared as they ran off up the walkaway and out and YELLED when they finally saw daddy...6 and a bit days is a long time without your daddy! it was so very cute.
and a big thankyou to the kindness of strangers. On the way down the poor lady sitting next to us gave up her seat for alot of the flight and did anything i needed done even when i said i couldnt possibly ask that. and to the man this morning that helped lilly onto the escallator (sp) this morning when she missed the step and had to let my hand go....he saved me from going through security to get her again.

and finally a big thank youto virgin....fantastic people to fly with...everything was oh so easy! we were able to get on and organised first which really is helpful.I HAVE BEEN READING THIS....oh my god fantastic book. we r already putting things from this book into play in our home. If you have children i guesson the smaller side its well worth the effort of tracking it down and buying it. I got it in australia after much searching from for minimal money too. it took about 2 weeks i guess to come from the states. i am loving the new lease of life its given me and the changes in our daily life its helping me make...and all for the better~!
here is lilly finger kniting, which is an activity from the book and the first step for me teaching lilly to knit. handing on those traditional crafts that my grandmother taught me. we have some sewing planned this week also and some drawing in brand new art journals with lovely art supplies that we shopped for before coming home. and today on the way home i shopped for some material supplies to make us all some art on the go bags. i will share some of my making later on...crochet a scarf on holidays and started a baby blanket for a friends first baby, most of my friends have something handmade from me for their babies.
If you are interested in the book here is the author blog

for those that asked
we r now living in rural victoria in a town called avoca. Its in the pyrenees wine region of victoria and daniel is working as exc chef here. YUMMY wine! it was a warm 14degrees upon getting off the plane this morning and it was worse as we drove home. im to scared to look now but im about to go get the heater organised!


Chris Millar said...

You're home! Gosh, that went quickly! I was thinking of you Sunday and hoping your class went well. Glad it did. Was great to see you!

kirstypiper said...

I'm glad you had a good time, and what a brave Nana you have! Mick's mum won't even look after the three of ours together let alone extras!!LOL

I've missed seeing your updates!!

Thanks for the congrats on my DT thingy...It's probably thanks to you that I even entered! I figured if someone as clever as you didn't laugh, then others might not too! Thanks for all your encouragement :-D