Sunday, June 22, 2008

a weekend of sewing

i have spent my weekend sewing! a strange way for me to spend my craft time, but there it is, my sewing machine got used on fabric!
actually i scrapped on friday night at a crop at my lss in ballarat...i have one layout finished and i will share it later on...and one im working on that just isnt working for me atm...i seem to go through these times esp before working on comp work and masters is what i need to get working on....i do have a few ideas for my single layout that are brewing and only started today while i thought about something that was the complete opposite...go figure.

i came home with material last week to make our art on the go bags...i have only made one, because i got so carried away by stitching other projects hehe

Lilly needed a new school bag...and i just havent had a chance to get anywhere where i might be able to buy i made this one from demin and pink poka dots material. Ive been material inspired ever since i went home and had a quick trip to the young designers market...there r some so clever young bag makers...well worth a visit if u r in brisbane on a sunday. im sure its all wrong...i wouldnt know how to follow much of a pattern if my life depended on it and im not one for following many sewing rules either, i was more about the creating, which i actually enjoyed.
I then using the ideas from the creative family for making a pair of pants made these for emily. it was so easy, i used a pair of her pants as a pattern and i was off. The demin is light weight and stretchy so perfect for me so i just added elastic for the waste band. PRETTY is all she says when she looks at them,. (excuse the photo...hard to make a nearly 2 year old stand still and in the light lol)

And then i moved onto this. This apron....a version of this sits on the wall of the material shop and i stare at it every time i go. It is well worth going to your local material shop and getting to know the people that work there....they r so full of information and willing to help, so unlike spotlight where they often have no idea what will and wont work. After i bought my material the other day we were talking about what i could do with the scraps and she suggested the apron knowing that i always stare at it! lol...she then pulled it down off the wall and talked me through making it myself. I was very happy with this...i used an old apron of lillys as a pattern for the top. and was very happy with the frills and how it all worked out. Lilly loves it! Emily is gettong one, im going for some lime green gigham fabric tomorrow.
And heres is one of our art on the go bags...its just a draw string backpack bag. one panel folded in half. I did line it.
How is it u can keep your sewing secret through 8 years in brisbane and live in a small town for just 4 months and the secret is out lol here is an art smock for preschool that i have been working on...i have one cut out and on the table ready to stitch tonight.
i hope everyone else had a productive weekend too.. :)


Chris Millar said...

I'm wondering the same thing!! How come I didn't know till now that you're such a whiz with the machine Jac!?!! Love all these items, especially the apron and Em's jeans!! Too clever!

kirstypiper said...

These look so GOOD! Wow, you have been busy :-)
I haven't been able to sew since the Christmas Sam was born and me neighbour and I made 100 christmas outfits to sell at the local markets...HELLISH!

Melissa Goodsell said...

oh my goodness, these projects are just delightful. I can't decide my favourite, but I really love the apron.

Sarah and Jack said...

The kids look so sweet with their mama sewn creations.