Friday, June 27, 2008


thanks kirsty

Ten Years Ago
UMM, moving out to charlevile, starting my teaching career, just got engaged

Five things on todays ToDo list
Knit emilys jacket (check)
take photos for dan (check)
do washing up (check)
eat lunch out (check)
photoshop todays photos (check)

Snacks I enjoy
Apples, avocado with salt and pepper on toast YUM
as well as my share of junk food

Things I would do if I were a millionaire
Go back to uni to study something arts (creative arts that is) - photography would have to fit in there somewhere. Pay for a good education for my kiddos too... :) Buy houses!

Places I have lived qld sunshine coast, toowoomba, charleville, mitchell, redcliffe, northlakes and vic avoca.

i tag... Chris Millar , and Kate Mason

Well i spent my day helping out my dh. They have been updating the warrenmang website and dan wanted me to take some photos of his latest food creations to put on the restaurant section of the site, so i have been reading foodie mags all week looking at photos and getting ideas. I had over 100 photos and a yummy duck lunch with chocolate for desert! YUMO

here r some of the pics i took today...just 4 of them to make u all hungry.
I had this for lunch.
I had this for lunch!

now i plug..if u r in victoria or coming to victoria Warrenmang is well worth a visit. The wine is fantastic and the food.well these photos speak for themselves.. :)


Chris Millar said...

Wow Jac, these photos of the meals are fantastic!!! I just thought of an idea for you and Dan - a recipe book - he can cook the meals and write the recipes and you can photograph them!! Thanks for the tag too!!!

Sue Smith said...

These pics are stunning - mouth watering in fact! You should be pleased with them!