Tuesday, November 25, 2008

menu 2

well my menu from last week is nearly over. some reflections for future reference.
zucchini slice...a big winner!! it will be back in the menu very soon.
emily would not eat the chicken sticks...and they were yum and she was having a moment over the crumbed chicken (nugget size) too, but they were both also yummy, so we will try her on them again soon.

we have fried rice for tonight and then beef and carrot ragout tomorrow. we will see how they go.

if your looking for a menu that keeps working, without having to write one every week check out julies blog. link in side bar. she hasa great5 week menu that doesnt change but has plenty of room to move so that u are eating differently.

anyway i thought i would keep sharing our menus and some of the recipes. if u wanted to try menus and mine suit u and your family use away.

menu 2

this coming fortnight we will be having

  • pork sausage and potato salad and greens
  • lamb chops and veg
  • chicken stirfry and rice {hoisin based stirfry, we will use little chicken and lots of stirfrying type fresh veg}
  • creammy mushroom and bacon pasta {but we dont use cream, i will use evaporated milk instead}

first of our veg based meals this week will be

  • stuffed roast potatos. {easy ,bake a well seasoned skin on potato -i will start ours in the microwave - then cut open add butter and some cold salads we r thinking slaw, top with sour cream and cheese}
  • fish and salad plus roasted potatos {fish choice is up to dh, itjust depends whats good, but it will be pan seared and oven finished}
  • warm beef salad
  • roast meat {depends whats on special} and veg
  • hamburgers on fresh homemade rolls with homemade mince patties and salad
  • pizza on a homemade base with homemade pizza sauce
  • apricot chicken in the slow cooker
  • second veg based meal will be roast pumpkin pasta
  • and attempting to add a third veg based meal this week, but its a totally new one for us so i dont know how it will go crisp rice omelette from donna hay with roast potatos and green salad
  • and last this fortnight will be a meal out. probably at the local wine bar or the pub for parma night {im not sure i get the whole parma thing, but its huge down here}. we r trying very hard to not do takeaway. going to an affordable local walking distance place gets us all out of the house and is nice. and supports local business


  • self saucing chocolate pudding - we didnt eat it last week so all ingredients r still in the cupboard
  • fruit salad


  • homemade orange coridal
  • homemade chocolate topping
  • homemade muesli
  • daily homemake bread
  • eaisyo yoghurt


  • caramel-filled biscuits from donna hay and new for us
  • lavash bread crackers
  • apple muffins
  • scones

and something i can decide yet!

and finally...we found a great fruit shop. its in a town about 20 minutes away from here, it reminds me of older style fruit and veg shops and it aways smells devine. i hate supermarket fruit and veg, and well im waiting waiting for my own produce to start, so im happy to of found this local to my council shire small business that well and truely deserves our hard earned money over the supermarket!

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