Thursday, November 20, 2008

ornament swap

just thought i would share what ive been up too this week
ive been taking part in a christmas ornament swap
and this is what i made to send to my partner. actually everything that was in the i have to post u basket went this morning. woohoo!!!!
the ideas for everything came from martha stewart website, i would love to give a link...but i dont think i could find some of it again if my life depended on it, i know i was on the site for ages looking around at her crafts for christmas section. lots of clever things.
i also made the box. makes everything look so cute
i visit daily this site its a link to all sorts of handmade craft instructions. its a must visit site! this is where i found the box link.
lots of rain, lots of trying to keep the kids entertained in the last 48 hours. the rain is good but.
my vegies r loving it all
i have some awards to give out
thanks to those that awarded me
i will get onto it tomorrow i promise

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

Such cool ornaments! Your partner will LOVE getting that parcel!