Thursday, November 20, 2008


this is made from a mccalls pattern
has 6 different things to make up.
this is for lilly, im going to put it away from christmas. but im happy with how it turned out
tonight i hope to sew her a few more things. another set in a different style and a dress. then i will work on some emily things


daisymum7 said...

Cute Jacqui you did a great job!!

I have four pairs of pyjama pants made now I have to sew up two more and they boys are set then there is just the shorts for daisygirl.

I can't stop looking at my swap things I have them in the box which I will use to send your things to you but for the moment they are sitting in there looking at me. It is so so special!!

Thank you I have never taken part in a swap before so this has been a real thrill for me.


Chris Millar said...

You're so clever Jac!! Lil is going to love this little set!! Hey, when are you coming home? I sent you an email, but I'm guessing you didn't get it.