Monday, November 03, 2008

moving houses and so much more

moving week went well, we were all out of the other house on tuesday and it was all cleaned by thursday morning and the keys handed back, im still unpacking here and going through things and getting rid of things we no longer need.

as promised the start of what im calling

a tour around my house, i will share part of our home every month as we change it and make it ours
i started with the outside

because these r going to be my veg garden beds. i have 4 of them going up the side boundary of our property. tomorrow dan is going to hoe them up, im going to add some cow poo and compost and then on the weekend i have ordered some organic garden soil to be delivered. and come sunday afternoon i hope im showing u all some planted out beds. i have lettuce and tomato ready to go...some cucumber and zucchini, a popcorn, carrots, beets and much more coming on. i cant wait. we will add a makeshift fence around this garden to keep the dog out and the rabbits...and the kids! i also have an arch for the veg garden entry and a grape vine to grow over it. we went with recycled railway sleepers..c grade ones they were $20 each and we brought them home while we had the moving truck so we saved on delivery charges too. dan put them all in place today, and i had two left over and we found some old ones out in the yard so we have added a garden bed to the front of the house, i will share pics when its organised.this is the view down the back of our block, just through those trees is a road. but i love this view makes me forget that we live in town. we have some landscaping plans for this to thicken it up i would like to put a bike track through it for the girls to ride on, also we have a natural low through the bottom part of the yard im going to get some river rocks and turn it into a dry creek bed, we dont want to lose it because its the natural drainage of our property...but we will work on the landscaping plans slowly one small part at a time. forgive the scared looking dog, she could sense the storm that came and didnt do anything, it sort of missed us, we did move her inside after this pic. i think this is one of my fav parts of my house this view. i love the older machinery around the place. i love the painting, of which we r lucky to have being in a hertiage house and all! this is the little porch outside our loungeroom and side door way. i can so see sitting out here watching the girls play. or looking at my veg growing. i want to find a new location for the wood there too. beside this is a lovely OLD rose im going to pop in a few other roses in this location too. they will be nice to bring inside for flowers too. we r waiting on a screen door for here too as this will let in that lovely cross breeze we seem to get here over winter. we will put one on the very front/back door (we havent worked out what to call it yet lol) too. but the house has been really lovely during the day.

as we work outside alot this month i will share more. water tank going on the other side of the house next week by friday i hope.

well i managed to make it through another round of sytycs. i so didnt expect too its so close the voting. i had no internet this week so the lovely rach from scraptacular text me all the details and my interent was back today, thats a whole other story.

this week we had to make two layouts

this is based on a pencillines sketch
emilys first visit to the park after her accident. she was pretty funny. screaming wow the part wow, wow the park, with a im going to play inthere somewhere too lol. everyone was looking she was just so excited.
this one had to have a title, journalling and an 8x10 photo. this is miss lilly last weekend at her preschools 30th birthday. pockets the clow was there, and he kept her entertianed while i took some photos.

and yes finally im back with an internet connection. bigpond was having a minor moment i think, i actually felt bad for the people working there it wasnt their fault. if u r waiting for a bigpond anything atm and it hasnt happened RING THEM my order for a connection was held up 4 times! with no real reason at all. we have come to the conclusion that telstra empolyee's need to speak to people and not computers. on monday telstra man rings, im coming to connect your phone...huh! we have no line, it has to be built u guys sent me an mobile homeline. ok he says im coming anyway. ok...he gets here goes for a walk around our property and comes back. your phone line is coming from the stree in front of yours. werid but true, there is no record of this line anywhere. ok so that solved one problem. by 6.30 that night we had the phone up and going no worries. woohoo. other phone was returned to telstra and we were set. we were told to ring bigpond again for adsl line tests etc, but there was a heap on concern over the very old phone line holding adsl no worries i said we r going wireless. he said ring u may not have too. so i ring. the firstof 3 1hour phone calls with bigpond. spoke to a guy he said thats great lets test the line, shows it should be ok...great...he says im not cancelling your wireless order just yet...great i say, he says lets get your old account transfered and see what happens. 12 the following day u should be good. next day internet. im left thinking thats ok we didnt think it would work. i ring bigpond to let them know its not working. turns out they had not even turned it on yet! the order was stuck in an error. oh ok. whats the status on our wireless...also stuck. great. can u fix it. yep no worries. thanks great. but instead of fixing the orders we had, the orders were started all over again! r u kidding me. phone gets cut off battery ran out...bugger. later that night i ring back. explain i was cut off and want to check its all good. explain what i want. he looks. ok yep its all good your adsl modem will be sent out to u u will have it in 10 days...huh! umm i have an adsl modem. oh ...turns out my transfer experiment was turned into a brand new internet order. i dont think so! he fixed it, and checked everything and found out it was all stuck. finally someone fills out a form and within 24 working hours its fixed and im here. im here sitting on my adsl line, the line we shouldnt be able to have but do have...go figure. no only that but today 4 weeks to the day of the order my wireless modem also turned up! we now have to send it back. i tell u i dont think they know what the hell is going on. i dont blame telstra workers u could tell they were pulling their hair out with me. thankyou sara for everything u did too. we partly buggered up stuff witht he land line experiement. we r going to experiement with this connection this week and see if its ok and then decide on the weekend about the wireless. i so dont want to change my email addy.

anyway i hope everyone is having a great week. i even sleeping again...funny how the change of one thing can change something else. this house makes me feel happy! i had forgotten that feeling.


Kirsty said...

Sheesh...what a drama!

Your new home looks beautiful! I love that you are even starting on your head would still be spinning!

I am so happy that you are sleeping again.

daisymum7 said...

Welcome back to blogland. I can't wait to wach your house grow and evolve this will be so exciting.

Telstra - no comment.

Have a great day


Sal :-) said...

Oh Jac so wonderful to hear that you are feeling happy again :-)

Enjoy the house and I await with baited breath every photo that comes. I so wish I could sit on that little porch right now and have a cuppa with you.

Chris Millar said...

I was thinking similar to Sal about the table and chairs on the porch. I can just see us having a cuppa there! Enjoy settling in!! And huge congrats on still going in the comp!! All the way I reckon!

Angela Green said...

Just catching up!

Great to hear you are in and the move went well.

You guys are so awesome getting the garden going straight away.

I agree with Sal and Chris, I can see us all having a cuppa watching the kids play!