Monday, December 15, 2008

farewell preschool

well we had the preschool and christmas concert today. hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. i remember how happy i was when we moved and lilly had a preschool placement. something she wouldnt of experienced if we didnt move. and she so loves preschool. its gotten her super ready for school. traditional (c&k) preschool is so lovely. its been a nice opener to the school experience....:) emily is all signed up for a kid u not 3 year old in 2010. come off it! it will be werid to not go to preschool at all next year.
sorry to my readers but this is a for the grandparents post really..:)
sorry for the white out faces. lilly was a chicken in their first skit to the story stone soup. i made the chicken head hats.

sharing the yummy stone soup with the other animals and the fox. so very cute! i was shocked to see my outgoing little girl in all the songs of the concert. some of the kids were not in all the songs. getting up in public wouldnt of been my strong point either!

This is for the song mr teddy. lilly loves this song, she is often found singing it. its quite catchy now i think about it! he is in a box and he jumps out to sing his happy song? i didnt know it or remember it.
In the song "i want to be a ..." lilly was a dancer..:) im going to take her to dancing next year.
and last of all jingle bells. serious business that bell ringing. lol
of course there wsa also a visit from the man in red. in the firetruck no less. lol i love small towns.
lilly recieved a book

now our big man in red SHOCK. Emily, she is quite taken with santa this year. last year i remember the looking and talking and the backing her in for the quick pic and back to mummys arms. there was none of that today. she loved getting the present from him. walked away to unwrap it and then was off to show him her book. yelling at the top of her lungs "hank you santa." so very cute and such a good cue in to our myers santa photos next week.

look telling lilly to "go way" hehe
apparently u cant share your santa time.
now we r watching tv. the kids r buggered after running around all day at preschool. it was nice to share lunch together on her last day....

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concerts - i so miss them....