Sunday, December 14, 2008

salt dough ornaments

yesterdays advent activity for us was to make ornaments

so we used the salt dough that mel goodsell has on her blog as part of her handmade christmas posts.
its great. the kids had a blast
one dough makes HEAPS. we split ours up and made it into 5 different colours.
this first christmas tree lilly and I did together. using the christmas tree cookie cutter. we of course did this one a few times!
then lilly started working on her own tree
she then made a snowman
while the kids were working on their ornaments i made a few with them. sadly lilly thought this was a spiky green mountain! i was going for christmas tree
and this is my snowman
this is emilys tree.

emily had fun squishing the dough up, she didnt really get onto making many ornaments. all good therapy for her hand but. lots of squishing!

these were in the oven for a few hours and last night were coated in modpodge

i can see us using salt dough way more often now.


Kirsty said...

They are gorgeous! Might have to give this one a go..we made fridge magnets with this one year. Good grandparent gift idea:-)

Melissa Goodsell said...

They look fab - the snowman is awesome!

Alice said...

Oh wow these look like so much fun!
I LOL at the green spikey mountain! hehe