Thursday, December 04, 2008

guess what i got back today

lets see if u can guess!
hmmm lots of photos on this post!
yes i got my camera back all fixed and good to go...woohoo. cheaper than expected too so another good thing.

we went to melbourne today for emily...more on that later but waiting for me when we got home in the post was my handmade christmas ornament swap. are these not the cutest stockings...a big thanks to em from

thats our handcarved main fireplace in the lou nge area too. its so beautiful. and its nice to have it to playwith over christmas too..:)

a close up of the detail....they r just so cute
would u look at this cheeky monkey!
i dont think its any secret that i so didnt want to do our hospital visit today. i wasnt really ready to do the hospital thing again. but i told myself to tough up yesterday. well we had a great visit. emilys doctors cant believe the range of motion she has gained back and decided that they would wait on surgery to see just how far she can go. they fully expected to be booking us in for surgery and had been discussing all sorts of complicated reconstructions in the background. and while it will still be needed it was all postponed today. thankyou! so her next review is in march and again we will expect surgery to be in april. i walked out today peaceful. happy that i wasnt going to spend the new year juggling all sorts of things and can just focus on a short visit home, and setting lilly up at school before we go off to melbourne. where i will then be able to focus on emily without alot of other worries. so finally good news really. i am so happy that emilys doctors saw the range of motion that jen and i see each week during therapy, her doctors cant believe that she has certain up movements that by a text book she really shouldnt have. her thumb has improved out of sight and they witnessed her use of the left arm, which emily now includes normally. all music to our ears and eyes really. its given them a clearer picture of what reconstruction they will need to do and its all less than expected. i love that she excided their expectations. we were sent home with a large keep doing what your doing chorus.
well done my beautiful girl your amazing!

now i do wish i turned these cards...but im way to lazy right now to go fix the problem and upload again so u will just have to turn your head hehe.....but i made these cards for the december dare. the dare isnt due til tomorrow..:)

ps diary swapers...your swaps should be in the mail or very close to it..:)
i recieved a love box of goodies which i will photograph and share ove rthe next few days..:)


daisymum7 said...

Oh those stockings are so cute. Glad you had good News today. She is beautiful by the way.


Kirsty said...

Awwww, go Miss Em! And go mummy! Definitely doing all the right things then!