Saturday, December 13, 2008

home made

So ive been one of santas elves this season, by choice, making my kids some of their gifts.

this is for emily. a fairy dress up. Its a mccalls pattern this one. it also has a gown that im going to make for lilly. Both of them will get wings. new wings for lilly and first wings for emily. im going to go and buy them a cheap clothes horse so they can hang up their dress ups. u know the ones with the tray at the bottom, which they can put all the other bits that seem to go with the growing pile of dress ups they have collected.
next is my version of a tutu. a ballet skirt really. i made it out of soft material on purpose because my two tend to dress up for hours and play other things while still in their dress ups so i wanted something that was soft and wouldnt scratch up their skin like tulle might. no pattern for this...2 metres of material cut in half lenght ways. Half for each child. I then halved lillys again and started to gather it up.

Emilys tutu. I made it shorter and smaller of course, but with the same idea as lillys in mind.

next some nappies for their dollies
for these i used the pattern off the link from mel goodsells blog. its easy to follow.
next the crowns
heres the link
i find this blog can take a while to load...but its so worth the effort.
i do wish my crowns looked just like hers...but alas no.
we r hoping they last longer than store bought ones. my girls got new crowns last year and they were broken in seconds.
and finally a new lunch bag for lilly for school next year.
heres the tutorial link
this was pretty easy to do. its insulated with the inside of a plastic insulated bag, u know the kind u would use a few times and then throw out. i pulled it apart and recycled the insulation. zippers im still learning thats for sure...but its functional.
thats it for the photos
but we r also working on a tent and hopscotch mat
and i may tackle a material dolls house too. we will see.
i also have a summer shirt on my knitting needles for emily made from a sock yarn i got from NICE YARN, hand dyed.


Kirsty said...

Tooo clever!

The girl will love them:-)

Melissa Goodsell said...

I just love all your homemade goodness for Christmas :)

daisymum7 said...

Dear jacqui

How Can I ever thank you for the grogeous cards?

I received them on Friday adn started writing on some of them and posting them off on Saturday. A few are too pretty ot send so iahve framed them to hang on the wall of my sewing room. I love the gift tags too.

Thank you so so much