Sunday, December 07, 2008

a tour around my house

today im showing off my kitchen...clean and tidy...but that didnt last long..u know lunch and dinner to be made..:) this is our art hanging wall. the piece of wood was covered in wadding, and then material. i screwed in 6 or 7 small bulldog clips along the bottom and then daniel put it up for me. we change the things up here each week after lilly has been at preschool usually. atm its a mixture of preschool stuff and home stuff. i love this part of our house. its the newer section, and i especially love the exposed brick walls.
our kitchen. not much to do in here. we would like to change the bench tops eventually to granite. its amazing that my kitchen is clean and tidy in this photo but it still seems to look messy!, we have a very lived in house thats for sure. all the slate is heated for winter...hmmmm nice

and the view from our sink back towards the back of the house. we have a little glassed in sun room off the back which is lovely to sit in, the kids enjoy playing there too. nice place to a wine and a chat with dan when he gets home. the kitchen opens out onto it by bifold doors which is nice.

heres my diary swap. thankyou daisymum7 it is just so pretty i love it. im going to collect information in it this coming year about our garden, rain fall and what grew well where when and how. i also recieved a lovely teapot cosy which will get used come winter as we have taken a liking to drinking green tea (im allergic to black tea, it tastes like tin to me) and a coffee plunger warmer. which will also get wrapped around the plunger during winter. thankyou daisymum7 its all so lovely. daisymum7 and i are also doing a swap. im swapping her a few cards (which i have ready to post to u on monday) and she sent me her lovely and so cute hobby horse heads for my girls for christmas. i will share later when they r all together.

arh our potatos in the bins. they r doing well. actually growing like wild flower. we hope they keep going, there is room for one last hilling up of soil and then we will let them do their potato growing business. we have no idea what we r doing i will point out and r learning as we go. lots of finger crossing going on hehe

last a zucchini flower. woohoo and i see other buds on all the plants. woohoo. success at the moment anyway hehe.
i havent scrapbooked inthe longest time, months, but im itching to get in my room tonight and scrap! i so dont have time to scrap with all the things i have to do for my kids for christmas, but im sure i will get it done in time...:)
so tomorrow i hope to come back with at least a page to share. ooer and some of the things i have made my kids so far to stuff stockings with. with lovely night time flash photography! seeing as i have tokeep it all hidden..:)

lastely im thinking of my dear friend sally right now, going through a bit with her youngest and the hospital. sending cowper all the good get well vibes we can find sal.

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Melissa Goodsell said...

Your new house looks gorgeous!