Thursday, December 23, 2010

A gingerbread house!

well it started out like this. i got excited then. lol. i had expected it to fall apart before this point. but it didn't. ARGH on the windows, i read the instructions last night, and wasn't really thinking about what they said, and i really should of listened to the voice in my brain that didn't understand the instruction because when it was cooked i couldn't get the windows out, of course! now i knew that, but followed the stupid box anyway! i won't next year. i bought a box with all the cutters, which wasn't expensive at all, and took the guess work out of it all. but i did find heaps of templates on the net, the kids enjoyed using the cutters though.
And the complete details. there was a tense moment when i took away the roof supports, but the icing so far is holding..:) The recipe in the box of cutters for the gingerbread is very nice to eat and work with, it was all pretty hard so i had no issues with collapse.
The chimney, its three chimney cut outs stuck together with icing. Works a treat.
THe roof, sliced allsorts, hanging royal icing loops, easier than it sounds, i swear but effective too.
And our complete 2010 gingerbread house. I LOVE IT. let hope its still standing saturday for the centre of the table.

right now i feel like one big piece of royal icing, its everywhere, im covered in it! Going for a shower


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Anonymous said...

WOWOWOWOW!! I am so impressed, mine was a dismal failure, will get hot tips from you for next year. I did see a fabulous house in Melbourne, they used those gelatine sheets with the cross hatching to line the windows, looked like lead light, VERY EFFECTIVE!
See you soon, so proud of you!!!!