Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas to me..:)

This is my new baby..:)
also got the ipad pictured..:)
its a happy little apple family...hehe

we always do something for the house at christmas
last year i got a fly screen for my front door so we could have it open, we get an excellent breeze right through the house when its open.
this year i got a toilet, yes you read that right, i nice white one.
i mean really who has an apricot toilet? I did heh.
and well because that present sucked nuts and we had been basically sharing a laptop for months after the kids fought over dans and broke it we splashed out and bought the mac. its
fantastic. so fast. I LOVE IT, did i mention that..:)

And just to prove im still kind of scrapbooking heres some art I made for our hallway.

Lilly took one look at it and went thats our family tree. YEs yes it is...;)

I made this for Lillys room. Its above her fireplace., its an apple tree.
and the bunting, well once i saw Mel Goodsells I just had to have some, its pretty cool and very easy
i just googled How to Crochet a three sided motif.

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Debbie said...

Don't you love how Christmas changes from wonderful gifts you dreamed of to toilets! I hear you, we are getting new family suitcases, yeh for us!