Wednesday, December 22, 2010

its been a kitchen sort of day

The best thing to do with fresh bread?

Cut it for lunch while its still hot! YUM

still bread making here, though we have changed a little. Does anyone watch River Cottage? British show, on lifestyle channel. I got quite the few tips from the Bread making ep.

Attic 24
how i love thee...:) hehe
i have been sent to this blog a few times
heres my bag, and the link to the pattern

Its very easy and quick, this is lillys. She wants to learn to crochet, so i bought her some wool and a hook for christmas and this is her bag to put it all in. God help me when I have to teach her christmas day, cause you know she will want to get into it right away!

any tips for teaching a seven year old appreciated, she can finger knit like a pro, its this years tinsel on our tree.

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