Sunday, December 19, 2010

updating the pillows

i shared the link to this quilt ages ago, heres my quilt. i first found this blog of janelle winds blog and let me just tell you cluck cluck sew is a fantastic blog full of tutorials to create things, all sorts of things. its all easy to follow. i loved the scrappy ness of this quilt. we use this mainly at little athletics on a friday night. its our picnic blanket. it gets quite the few comments too, i've led many to the tutorial. i knocked it all up over a few days. i did add an additional boarder to mine.
heres the pillow tutorial. i've been looking in a few stores at pillows, ours were in desperate need of replacing. I saw very very similar pillows to this one in designer stores starting at thirty dollars. just between you and me this didn't cost me that at all, and it was quick and very easy to sew and has given me all sorts of ideas for the other pillows. The felt is by the metre and it was very nice to work with, softer than the craft variety. Lincraft i found by the metre felt, but i bet its in spot light as well, somewhere. I used a demin for the base of the pillow.
My girls are totally in love with it, so i can see a few more of these in my future, i would probably make a slightly smaller base next time, esp for the girls beds.

Currently working on an xmas present quilt, i finished the quilting part yesterday, just the binding to go, will share shortly..:)

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Allison said...

I LOVE that pink flower! I wish I could get away with pink in my house. :) And the quilt turned out fabulous! Thank you for showing me and have a wonderful holiday! -Allison