Thursday, December 09, 2010

The snowmen

well here they are a little snowman army for emilys preschool christmas party tomorrowthey were very easy. Much easier than you would think.
I rolled two balls of white icing and stuck them together using water. The scarf was rolled icing that i coloured with wilton christmas red, i used the very expensive tool of a butter knife...good for everything hehe. and wrapped it around the snowman neck, i used water to stick it together again.
the hats i used a small circle cutter and stuck to it a cylinder shape, and a hat was born. The icing was colour with wilton black. The nose is just a little icing shaped as a carrot. kind of..:)
I gave them a little glitter, its an eatable powder and the eyes and mouth were made using a pen for writing on cakes.
I used orchard icing, bought from any supermarket. If I was actually making something like this for someone esle i would of used an icing modelling paste....but quite frankly kids couldn't give a rats about it.
i buy alot of my cake supplies from
postage is ok, and the store is very fast, turnaround was just a few days. all the cutters, colours, glitter dusts, paints, you name it and its in this store....lots of great ideas as well.
I also use my local kitchen shop in Ballarat, LeKitchen.
i have a more detailed look at how I craft with sugar for cakes coming, just had to get all this out of the way....the end of the year is coming at frightening speed huh


Sal :-) said...

Jac they are just the cutest!!! :-D

Can't believe how much the girls are growing up! They both stunning little girls :-D

joolzmac said...

Your cupcake creations are just beautiful! You are one clever lady!

Cheers - Joolz