Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Its amazing

what being inspired by others can do!

was on Mel Goodsells blog this morning. its quickly become one of my favs to visit a number of times a week. anyway she had used up some towels to make some dishclothes. That started me thinking about my store of cloth nappies that we no longer use. I wouldnt give them to anyone and i dont expect we will use them for more babies so i cut a few up, and made them into dishclothes. i stitched two 8 x 8in pieces of the cloth together and then used some binding on the edges. (i did get in trouble from my dh for making them pretty when they would be used to mop up hehe)
while making the dishclothes i was looking at the scraps and thinking about mels next post which will be a felt food tutorial, this lead to me thinking about emilys birthday. We are getting her a kitchen for her birthday (more on that later as we r making it) and i want to make some of this felt food for her birthday, today i started on her birthday present by making her a kitchen set hehe...she has two dishclothes, 2 teatowels and some oven mits all made out of the scraps from my dishclothes for the actual kitchen.

dont u think they will look cute all hung up on her little kitchen.

i have been getting a collection of knitting needles that were all just floating around the house. So i created this folder for them. Dont look too closely its not great sewing i should of stopped i had had enough after the little set i made for emily...but i am glad i did it, its already in use. Im planning on adding a page to the middle to hold some of the other things i have gotten to aid my knitting as well as having a few extra needle holders there

ok i will be back later in the week to show off some of the progress we hope to make on emily's kitchen, we r getting all the wood precut for it tomorrow. wish us luck, we r hoping a little knowledge will go a long way! hehe and with some felt food too


Melissa Goodsell said...

These are positively gorgeous!! So much cuter than mine - I wish I had thought to edge them like yours, they look really pretty :)

Sal :-) said...

Jac LOVING all your knitting and sewing stuff :-)

Life has been SOOOOOO busy here the last month. I was driving in the car the other day thinking it was about to slow down over the hols and how we can't do holiday catch ups :-( *snif* *snif*

Miss having you down the road mate. LOTS....... *snif*

Chris Millar said...

I agree with Sal, it's times like the holidays when it gets tough not having you around. But I'm so happy that you're really throwing yourself into lots of knitting and sewing! I'm amazed by all your creations!

Sue Smith said...

That is just the sweetest addition to a kitchen a little girl could have! So have you made a matching mummy and daughter apron yet?

jacqui jones said...

no matching apron yet
i still havent made emilys...i did get the material but!