Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a bean bag

Emilys room renovations continue. A bean bag.
heres the pattern i used, it was very easy!
The cover comes off for washing and i made my inner out of calico. She does say an 100 l bag of beans, I nearly got two bags, i wish i did, i will be adding probably another half bag of beans to the bag when I make lillys

I added the handle in extra so that it was easy to move around. It is going to be part of a reading corner in Emilys room, with a few pillows thrown in. ATM she is carrying it everywhere with her!

Colours we picked matched her wall quilt.
And if you look carefully you will even find a bird just under the handle..:)

KIcking back in her bag watching TV.
It was no cheaper to make a bag, actually it probably cost me more, but the balls are completely sewn in! Little fingers can not make holes and spread them around the house. I think it took me longer to clean up the balls that missed the bag opening than making the whole thing, every time i moved something i found more of the little buggers.

currently on my crocheting hook, i work slowly at it each and every night. The mat for Emilys reading corner. Im sure you can see the colour theme emerging! Lets just say crocheting in a circle, little bit of an art form all by itself, once you just past the first little bit, there is no pattern, its kind of hope for the best and lay it flat every round to check! I will probably end it with three bands of each colour, trying to decide on finishing with scallops or not. They would be red, but I can't make up my mind currently. I shall probably let the owner decide!

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